Sunday, March 1, 2009

Calculating Time Dilation

Science is interesting and pretty weird too. Well I'll discuss how to calculate time dilation. For those who don't know, time dilation is a phenomenon wherein time appears to slow down with respect to a certain observer. Weird things happen as you approach the speed of light, very very weird things. one of them is the slowing down of time generally referred to as time dilation. It is incredible but true.

So, how do you proceed calculating by how much amount time slows down? There's a formula. It is somewhat like this:
Δt' = γΔt

γ =  1/√(1-v²/c²)

Δt is the time interval between two events happening at the same place as measured an observer in the same frame of reference. This is also called proper time.

Δt' is the time interval between those same events as measured by another observer moving at a certain velocity with respect to former observer.

v is the relative velocity between the former and later observers.

c is the speed of light.

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